Media Pimps Trayvon Martin

Kermit Gosnell - On trial in Philadelphia March of 2013 for murder of 7 babies. MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC have remained mum on this trial. Not one mention of this story as of 4/13/2013. Even Democrat Kirsten Powers is outraged that Main Stream  Liberal Propaganda channels have bypassed this story (yet are obsessed with Jodi Arias). Why the silence? Because Kermit Gosnell is an abortion doctor. Because it portrays abortion in a negative light (I guess the murder of 50 million babies since 1973 is not viewed as negative by Democrats).

White House asked newspapers and online news to remove stories about the Obama girls vacationing in the Bahamas & Idaho in 2013 and to remove stories about Sasha vacationing alone in Mexico in 2012.

The  murder of Trayvon Martin is, unfortunately, a perfect example of Media Bias. NBC recently admitted to altering the 911 clip they played to make it sound as if George Zimmerman was racist and the New York Times printed the altered version of the 911 call. Interesting fact. GE owns 49% of NBC/MSNBC.  Here's an excellent example of how MSNBC who claims to 'lean forward' departed from all journalistic ethics of non biased reporting by saying that there were no injuries to Zimmerman. Then there is a clip from Fox news in which the journalists say, "We shouldn't rush to judgement." People bash Fox all the time, yet they are by far the least biased. If you haven't watched Fox, I urge you to try it for one day before "judging" them based on what you've heard.

And here is the zoom shot of the back of Zimmerman's head:

There is also the fact that the media reported that Malia Obama was on vacation in Mexico on March 20, without her parents but had 25 secret service agents (paid for by taxpayers). However, the Obama's didn't want that information out and they contacted the news sources and it was immediately "scrubbed" from the internet, but not before other people had screen shots of the stories.

Add to this that the Obama's threw a lavish secret "Wonderland" party at the Whitehouse at which Tim Burton and Jonny Depp attended in 2009 - at the height of the recession. The Whitehouse asked the media not to report it as it would look bad that the Obama's were living it up while America struggled. No one knew of this party until the book "The Obama's" was released in 2012 (a book the Obama's did not want to come out.)

These examples point to the fact you can't trust the media, and if the Obama's have that much control over the media and the internet, what other stories are they keeping from us?

Over the course of about 30 months and under the watchful eye of Steve Capus, three times now NBC News has used deceptive editing in order to intentionally gin up racial division, all in an effort to aid Barack Obama by targeting his political critics (Tea Party, Perry) or to further the President's cynical reelection campaign to divide all Americans along racial lines (George Zimmerman).
And as a response to a once-respected news outlet openly selling its soul and violating every journalistic ethic to aid a sitting president, you have "media watchdogs" like The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz more upset that a Republican finally got a few hours exposure on NBC, and Politico's Dylan Byers having to be shamed into covering it at all.
Because this is how it works:
NBC/MSNBC is partially owned (49%) by GE.
GE is run by Jeffrey Immelt.
Jeffrey Immelt is an Obama White House appointee.
GE received $24.9 million in Obama stimulus funds.

Steve Capus has fostered an environment where, in furtherance of advancing Obama's policy goals and reelection, it is okay to maliciously edit facts in order to falsely smear private citizens (Tea Party, George Zimmerman) and Obama's potential GOP rivals (Gov. Perry) as racist.
Worse still is the fact that no one in the news media, including our so-called watch dogs and rival news outlets, will give these three unpardonable attacks the attention, scrutiny, or condemnation they deserve, because they all believe that the ends justify the means and that anything that helps Obama is a-okay.
This is three times (that we know of) that the very same moral and journalistic crime has occurred under Steve Capus. By any reasonable standard, he should've been fired after it was allowed to happen twice. Now he will surely get away with this third instance of: Oh, my. How did the exact same thing happen again?
But he won't be fired, because the necessary pressure will never be applied, because those with the power to apply it approve of what he's doing.