Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dominique Sharpton - Sues NYC Over Injured Ankle - Posts Pictures of Hiking in Bali

Ah yes, just as news was breaking that Al Sharpton's daughter is suing NYC for 5 million bucks because she 'fell in a crosswalk and injured her ankle' - she posts a picture on instagram that she has just finished hiking UP a mountain in Bali.
Bali - hmmm, I wonder how many poor black kids she could have fed with the money she spent on a vacation in Bali?
5 million bucks that NYC may have to pay this exploiter of race and breeder of hate is 5 million bucks it could spend on funding for poor black children in NYC.
If Domin"ick" is that hard up for cash, perhaps she could ask her dad's crony lawyer buddy Sanford Rubenstein for some cash in exchange his pipes.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Al Sharpton Chooses White Mister Over Black Sister