Monday, July 13, 2015

Whoron Alert! Joseph Reagle Jr's Attack On Religion, White Males, and The Right

Another liberal barley containing his prejudiced against Conservatives, Preppers, and religious people.
in the book:  " Reading the Comments: Likers, Haters, and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web"
byJoseph M. Reagle Jr.

Though this book has some great nuggets of information in it (best selling authors who have created sock puppet accounts to go after reviewers or other authors) it doesn't really offer anything that people who have been active in forums don't already know. And I would suspect, for those who don't frequent comment sections (or rarely do) - they would care.
Though Reagle advocated for the right to have individual thought - unfortunately, he writes with bias of one that lives in the tower of academia. He can hardly veil his contempt for Conservative values as he describers "Preppers" as White Christian Conservative Males and gives an example of ONE man who allegedly has placed a gun in his 5 year old sons' bug out bag. Like Rachel Dozell, the Rolling Stone Magazine college "rape" story, it's difficult not to know if this video described by Reagle is an actual person, or a person that is an activist with the intent of dehumanizing truly independent thought.
I don't know many preppers, but I do know there is a "prepper" in the Amazon Vine program (or was...) and she is young, beautiful, and never brings religion up in any of her reviews.
And what if people are religious? Is that unacceptable? And why is it okay to make a blanket statement that "preppers are white male Christians" - that is like saying "terrorists are mostly black male Muslims" -
Most of the 'hate' directed at women online (I speak from experience) is from white male liberals who self-identify as atheists. This was mentioned in the book, except for the 'liberal' part.
Reagle also pointed out the Republican owner of a restaurant who was "flamed" on Yelp after hugging Obama who stopped in at his restaurant.
Reagle at no time points out all the horrible comments made to black conservatives like Ben Carson, Star Parker, Mia Love. He doesn't talk about the outpouring of hate for Ted Cruz or Mark Rubio.
He doesn't talk about the hate that Stacey Dash goes through, and did not mention one peep about how is attacked like a the guy who walks into a Sugar Addict meeting carrying free donuts.
This is a one sided narrative falling in line with collective thinking - offering nothing new.
An odd thing is - this book is being offered for free in the Amazon Vine. People who 'get things' in exchange for reviews often rate the product higher in order to 'rank up.'
So Reagle, himself, is trying to manipulate his ranking.
It's common sense people.
And at 15.00 bucks in the Kindle store - Reagle is obviously a great fan of capitalism - unless, of course, he plans on donating to the Hillary Clinton "Help Bring Back My Emails" campaign.
Not worth the value at 15.00 - maybe 2.99.

These are my Kindle Highlights which show examples of his pigeon holing of people on the right and religious people: 

At YouTube, prepper reviewers are typically white Christian men who are concerned with an over-reaching big government, gun rights, and the collapse of civil society. Their slogan is “pray for the best, prepare for the worst.” As one blog posting noted, these folk are “completely obsessed with both gear and the idea of self-sufficiency. They prize durability and functionality in a product because their fervency makes them believe their livesRead more at location 835   • Delete this highlight
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(Flashlights and knives are fetishized objects that garner many reviews.)Read more at location 844   • Delete this highlight
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(I wonder, how often will his fifth grader need to carry an M4 or drag a wounded teammate?) One can even find someRead more at location 858   • Delete this highlight
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For instance, a creationist might post the same critical review across multiple books on evolution. She might do this from the same account or through multiple accounts, known as sockpuppets. Finally, reviewers might plagiarize their own reviews across products to increase their review count and credibility (although, as I discuss below, some top reviewers’ numbers lead to incredulity).Read more at location 957   • Delete this highlight

when Barack Obama visited a Florida pizza parlor. When the owner, a registered Republican, made the most of the visit by endorsing and embracing the president in a bear hug, the owner’s Yelp page exploded with hundreds of partisan, nonpizza-related comments.Read more at location 1066   • Delete this highlight

Whoron Alert - Aspen Matis - Privileged White Girl Profits Off Rape Claim

Aspen Matis Profits Off Rape 
I thought White Privilege complex couldn't get any worse than Spinster: Making A Life of One's Own.
However, it does get worse when Aspen Matis opens her book with (Chapter One) - "I lived my first eighteen and a half years in a white Colonial in the idyllic town of Newton, Massachusetts."
Well, from there on, it is a tale of a very spoiled elite white girl who invites a guy to her freshman dorm, he has sex with her. She claims she was unwilling, and even though she was unwilling, she invites him to spend the night.
The college refuses to find her alleged rapist "guilty" because it is a he said she said and also, there is conflicting evidence  (Mattress Girl anyone?) that she was more than willing.
Aspen then goes on a hike to prove her independence (funded by her family, of course), and meets, falls in love with, and marries a man she meets 10 days into her journey.
Well, so much for independence.
She consistently lashes out at her parents (who have provided for her).
It is hard for my to find any sympathy for a spoiled rich girl who willingly lived off her parents all the while throwing her middle finger at them.
I find it hard to believe her story is not simply a "LOOK AT ME" attempt to make money (capitalism! Horrible until, of course, you seek to profit!)
Rolling Stone ran with an outright made up story of a rape on U of Va campus. Jezebel was all over that. The news (run by liberals) all over that.
Then months later, it's discovered it was all a lie. And not a peep from the mainstream media. Not a peep from Jezebel.
White girls being raped on campus - horrible!
But black girls being raped by privileged white men? Silence.
Jezebel hasn't mentioned Iasha Rivers. Liberal media hasn't mentioned Iasha Rivers.
And in the mean time - rich, elitist, (sorry I'm white but I'll take my parents money, I don't need a man but I DO) Aspen Matis scores a bookdeal about her traumatizing torture (I jest) of being "forced" to have sex.
All theses liberals in NYC - on the east coast, waxing poetic about the horrible racism in America, yet they reward liberal white rich chicks who profit off of a one night stand - and yet when a very beautiful young black woman goes to the ER because she is BLEEDING from her woman parts - after waking up in the home of a wealthy white lawyer after a party for Al Sharpton - you have liberal white female reporter for the New York Daily News writing a column saying that Iasha Rivers basically deserved it because "if you lay down with dogs you wake up with fleas."
Wake Up America. True racism? Look at the liberal world of publishing. They freely give money to their "own" (white privileged girls) and turn their backs on true victims (Iasha Rivers).

Monday, June 1, 2015

Adam Benforado - Lib Professor Publishes Book On Salvation By Science

The book Unfair: The New Science of Criminal Injustice by Adam Benforado is going to be released in June, 2015. This is yet another Liberal Whoron who is anti-police, lives in a classroom, yet thinks he knows better than cops. Benforado takes the academic/superior illusion stage by insisting that criminals are not responsible for their actions. 
 The book "Something That Will Change Your Life" - explains how rank strivers like Benforado are corrupting character in an attempt to establish dependency on Govt and academic robot's like Benforado. The phrase "New Science" in his title is a red flag. New Science is a marketing term designed to attract people who are desperate to be 'in the know.' In 2005 Benforado wrote an article for the Baltimore Sun titled "The Conservative Hypocrisy." 
And Benforado was a student of...WAIT FOR IT...Elizabeth Warren - Ms. Warren flips houses on the side, lives in a mansion, all the while proclaiming the evils of rich people.

This is my review posted on Amazon of Benforado's book Unfair

We should be careful to distinguish the Physical Sciences and Behavioral Sciences (Opinion Sciences) which they resemble only in pantomime. The astonishing success of the physical sciences, from molecular biology to astrophysics, is what gives the Opinion Scientists the arrogance to pretend they’re doing the same thing as authentic scientists. Experiments that furnish the data for the Opinion Science lack the test tubes, the microscopes, the particle accelerators that impress us regular Joes about traditional science. Opinion Science uses hard-to-define phenomena as thoughts, motives, mental impressions, emotional reactions, and so on.
Benforado is a professor trying to flex his superiority muscles and he does an incredibly transparent job of showing his lack of courage and independent thought by his attacks of those who wake everyday and have the courage to face danger, not to write opinions about what the courageous are doing wrong. Opinion Science and marketing have replaced reason, common sense, and natural instinct.
Apparently only Opinion Science will save us now!
The Physical Sciences has given us fantastic improvement and improved the the standard of living;—e.g., trauma repair, agriculture and engineering. But where the conscientious scientist fears to tread, or only goes with highly specified trepidation, marketers rush in and offer Godly salvation by scientistatically explaining the world in ways that benefit their organizations or causes. Ed Bernays perfected the spin that anything vaguely scientific will convince us to buy their explanation.
As Neil Postman said about the scientific view: “In the end, science does not provide the answers most of us require. Its story of our origins and our end is, to say the least, unsatisfactory. To the question, “How did it all begin?”, science answers, “Probably by an accident.” To the question, “How will it all end?”, science answers, “Probably by an accident.” For many people, the accidental life is not worth living."

For the past century or so, psychologists have considered themselves scientists whose methods and theories are the same as those of the biologist or physicist; true science relies on objective investigation – behavioral science however relies on emotion and opinion and can’t be objectively measured.
Opinion Science has us believing that there are no more bad people in the world; there are only mentally ill people. The “insanity defense” excuses bad behavior, excessive gratification, a lack of willpower , and tragedy. And worse yet, it not only gives people the green light to do whatever, it silences any criticism. So if the community is too afraid to be vocal and demand that people take personal responsibility – if there are no consequences, or worse, WORSE, if the consequences of their actions lead to consoling and sympathy, it further encourages behavior that creates disenchanted and broken spirits.
I was a paramedic - not a great one. Not a bad one. The great medics, I found, were those who worked constantly - at the busiest squads, who had the most experience. They relied on their experience and common sense.
The worst medics were the 'book smart' medics who attended the most prestigious schools. They were the worst. They couldn't put an IV in the anticube of a 17 year old bodybuilding champ. However, at least both the book smart and the street smart medic are actually on the battlefield.
Benforado is far from the battlefield. He is sitting enclosed in an office, sifting through studies, and like the Monday Morning Quarterback, thinks because he watches football and reads sports magazines, he knows exactly how the quarterback could have won the game.
If you're easily swayed by titles, I suppose you'll swoon over Unfair.
If you can think for yourself, judge life based on experiences not arm chair experts, then you can skip this and be much wiser for it.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dominique Sharpton - Sues NYC Over Injured Ankle - Posts Pictures of Hiking in Bali

Ah yes, just as news was breaking that Al Sharpton's daughter is suing NYC for 5 million bucks because she 'fell in a crosswalk and injured her ankle' - she posts a picture on instagram that she has just finished hiking UP a mountain in Bali.
Bali - hmmm, I wonder how many poor black kids she could have fed with the money she spent on a vacation in Bali?
5 million bucks that NYC may have to pay this exploiter of race and breeder of hate is 5 million bucks it could spend on funding for poor black children in NYC.
If Domin"ick" is that hard up for cash, perhaps she could ask her dad's crony lawyer buddy Sanford Rubenstein for some cash in exchange his pipes.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Al Sharpton Chooses White Mister Over Black Sister

Monday, January 12, 2015

Emily Gray Tedrowe - Military Hater

Emily Gray Tedrowe is a typical Whoron. A Weasel Hypocrite that is funding her bank account by belittling the one thing that made this country great: The Military.
She pledged to support Occupy - and Occupy believes the military should be paid...nothing. And of course, Academia should be paid the most. (Selfish much?)
 Emily's book "Blue Star" reads like liberal anti-military propaganda and is belittling and condescending toward military - painting them as stupid, sleazy, drinking, organic food hating (seriously, the intellectual Ellen takes military Lacey to Wholefoods and Lacey is intimated by the mist being sprayed over the fresh vegetables...and...eggplant)
The military wives are painted as crass, trailer park trash. Lacey is a drinking, cursing, sex nypmh, who has an anxiety attack in Wholefoods because it's "healthy."
But Ellen, the Democrat/Liberal, of course, is intelligent (translation: pretentious), reads Edith Wharton, P.D. James, drinks Soy milk, hates Bush, reads Vogue, The New Yorker and then donates them to the hospital. She also has, of course, hired help for her house... Not doubt Ellen is a version of Emily.
My father was military, my brother is deployed now and spent 2 tours in Iraq. My sister in law (married to my deployed brother) is a graduate of Emory and is an ER doctor.
But I guess educated beautiful women don't fit the Democrat narrative that military spouses dye their hair with bleach, drink beer for breakfast, and sleep around.
This book is so ridiculous, so full of Michael Moore cliches, nothing original.
On page one you'll find all you need to about the author's intent of the book: "The Iraq war; brutal and pointless."
(Let's not forget, under Obama, we have 3 wars and he authorized military action in Libya, ramped up covert war in Yemen,
expanded drone warfare into Somalia, deployed troops in Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and expanded Special Operations forces into 75 countries!)
If you're a military family looking for a positive, heartfelt, story, this is not it.
Tedrowe states this book was based on the Walter Reed scandal of 2007.
Ironically, she fails to mention the VA Scandal under the Obama administration.
In Walter Reed, none of our Vets died...under Obama's watch - Vets are waiting YEARS for benefits and at least 3 Veterans have died under this liberal administration.
Our Military should be held in high esteem - by all of America.
And if not for the military and the wars that have been fought - Emily Gray Tedrowe would not be able to publish such discriminatory, prejudiced, pretentious, propaganda and call it "literature."
I wonder if Tedrowe (who is a supporter of Occupy movement) is going to donate the money she makes from this work to Wounded Warriors? Or, was this book simply an exploitation of political themes in order to pad her bank account, pay her expensive mortgage, and live in hypocrisy?
If you value our military - skip this.
If you are military, I'd like to say THANK YOU, I appreciate you and your service to our Country - no deployment is in vain and at least you have the courage to stand up for America while people like Tedrowe cowardly sit behind a desk and pen, preen and preach.