Monday, February 17, 2014

Private Investigator Charlie Parker - Whoron

Usually a Whoron Alert deals with people using politics to prey on people - but this is a special case.

Charlie "GumShoe Parker has all the marks of a Whoron. 

A Whoron dupes people in order to profit. Makes a promise of an exchange but really, is screwing people over. 

My path to awareness of Charlie Parker (PI) came from the missing person case of Leanne Bearden (found dead, story here). 

I watched the movie Imposter (highly recommend - proves how easy it is to dupe people and the government).

Charlie Parker shows up as the "hero" of the movie for exposing the criminal pretending to be an missing 13 year old. 

Anyone - and I mean anyone could see the criminal was not who he said he was. 

In the movie, Charlie claims it was the criminals ears that made him question the true identity. 

Yet, in a 1998 interview he gave to Nick Davies - he says it was the criminals brown eyes (the abducted boy had blue) that tipped him off. 

Charlie states ear shape can't change. Any boxer or wrestler will tell you ear shape can, and does change. Also, here is an article about ear shape changing on Oprah's website

In Charlie's Twitter timeline, he tweets a-lot about his interviews in Imposter and then when he was sure Leanne Bearden had escaped to create a new life for herself (giving family false hope) - he tweeted exactly where he was looking for her (hello! So, if  you're trying to find someone who's purposely escaping, wouldn't tweeting where you were looking for them be a tip off?)

Charlie lists missing persons cases on his website and a few of them state "SOLVED" - yet he doesn't say if he solved them (he didn't) - but it gives a desperate person who isn't in the correct frame of mind  the illusion that this PI must know his stuff - he's been in movie! There are solved cases on his website! 

But for me, it was the moment in the movie Imposter when Charlie (SPOILER ALERT - Don't read if you don't want to know the ending of the movie - skip to the next paragraph!) went from exposing the criminal in order to protect the family, to believing this habitual horrible criminal when he tells Charlie (from his JAIL cell) - that the family murdered the missing boy! Charlie dramatically takes a shovel and starts digging in yard where the missing boy once lived. Nothing was there. But here's the thing - Charlie took the word of a criminal and shamed and harassed this poor family that had been put through the ringer (that's a mild word) twice! 

I believe people should toot their own horn - they should be proud of what they do and the reason for why they do it - but when you mislead people for your own personal benefit, when you change stories, when you paint yourself as the "HERO" and good people are getting screwed by you - you are placed in the Whoron Alert file. 

I've done my best to help you get clued, not screwed - the rest is up to you.